Feelings at the Margins

Feelings at the Margins

Dealing with Violence, Stigma and Isolation in Indonesia

von: Nils Bubandt, Tom Boellstorff, Michaela Haug, Eric A. Heuser, Martin Ramstedt, Boryano Rickum, Thomas Stodulka, Ferdiansyah Thajib, Baskara T. Wardaya

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This book integrates social anthropological, political, and historical perspectives on the emotional impact of marginalization, stigmatization and violence in present-day Indonesia. The authors' combined focus on regional particularities and universal dimensions of experiencing and dealing with social, economic and psychological adversities targets scholars who share regional interest in the archipelago and researchers concerned with theoretical aspects of the interplay between power asymmetries, agency, emotion and culture.
Introduction-The Emotional Make-up of Marginality and Stigma11
Birgitt Röttger-Rössler & Thomas Stodulka
What Makes a Good Life?-Changing Marginality
and Dayak Benuaq Subjective Wellbeing in East Kalimantan30
Michaela Haug
Converging Ontologies, Flattening of Time-Discordant
Temporalities and Feeling Rules in Bali's New Village Jurisdictions53
Martin Ramstedt
When Trauma Came to Halmahera-Global Governance,
Emotion Work, and the Reinvention of Spirits in North Maluku81
Nils Bubandt
"Playing it Right"-Empathy and Emotional Economies
on the Streets of Java103
Thomas Stodulka
Locations of Emotional Security-Queer Narratives on Stigma,
Marginality, and Cross-Cultural Friendships in Java128
Eric Anton Heuser
Lessons from the Notion of "Moral Terrorism"148
Tom Boellstorff
Navigating Inner Conflict-Online Circulation of Indonesian
Muslim Queer Emotions159
Ferdiansyah Thajib
Marginalized by Silence-Victims of Japanese Occupation
in Indonesia's Political Memory180
Boryano Rickum
Keeping Hope in a Marginalized World-Testimonies of
Former Political Prisoners in Yogyakarta196
Baskara T. Wardaya
The Act of Killing and Dealing with Present-Day Demons of Impunity-
A Conversation with Joshua Oppenheimer218
Victoria K. Sakti
Map of Indonesia229
Notes on Contributors230
Birgitt Röttger-Rössler is Professor at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin. Thomas Stodulka works there as a Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow.

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