People at the Well

People at the Well

Kinds, Usages and Meanings of Water in a Global Perspective
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von: Anne-Christina Achterberg-Bones, Emmanuel Akpabio, Nikhil Anand, Karlheinz Cless, Irit Eguavoen, Hans Peter Hahn, Klaus Hilbert, Wolfram Laube, Simon Meissner, Klaus Ruthenberg

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Water is never just H2O. It is always more. It has its own ways of world-making and is much more than just a substance or a commodity. Water is also a focal point of religious meanings and inspires cultural practices. The book shows the different forms, the wide range and the impressive diversity of people´s dealings with water in different cultures. It presents case studies from various parts of the world, staging problems about changing accessibility of water and the expectations of men and women at different places. While focusing on the micro level the transdisciplinary approach highlights the fundamental differences of water related meanings and practices.


Karlheinz Cless and Hans Peter Hahn9

Water as substance and meaning: Anthropological perspectives
Hans Peter Hahn23

Virtual water and water footprints: Global supply and production chains and their impacts on freshwater resources
Simon Meissner44

What is water? Some philosophical considerations
Klaus Ruthenberg65

An essay on dew
Jens Soentgen79

People at the well: Experiences around water
Karlheinz Cless98

Water magic
Richard Wilk126

Consumption and production: Changing perceptions of water in northern Ghana
Wolfram Laube145

Neglecting the opportunity? Productive water uses for small income generation
Irit Eguavoen170

Water makes the difference: The case of South India
Bettina Weiz190

Making connections: Accessing water in Mumbai's settlements
Nikhil Anand217

Water in Amazonia
Klaus Hilbert232

Water management by divine benevolence along the River Nile: Artificial water reservoirs as pastoral meeting places in the Meroitic Sudan (ca. 350 B.C. to 350 A.D.)
Petra Weschenfelder246

Water beliefs and changing times in Nigeria
Emmanuel M. Akpabio266

Guarded by the devil: The fear of pollution from wells among the Iraqw of northern Tanzania
Anne-Christina Achterberg-Boness281

Figure and Table Credits299

Notes on Contributors303

Index of Persons and Subjects307

Index of Locations315
Hans Peter Hahn ist Professor am Institut für Ethnologie der Universität Frankfurt am Main, Karlheinz Cless, Dr. rer. oec., ist dort Doktorand. Jens Soentgen, Dr. phil., ist wissenschaftlicher Leiter am Wissenschaftszentrum Umwelt der Universität Augsburg.

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