The World and the Word

The World and the Word

Making Sense of Social Science in an Age of Conflict, Opposition, and Grace

von: Herbert L. Green Jr.

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Jesus' very presence on the scene as the New Testament age was unfolding (1st century A.D.), engendered opposition, created conflict, while ushering in grace. His ideas by the accounts of many were radical for his time, first century, and even today in the twenty-first century. Why is this so? The NIV Archaeological Study Bible (2005), NIV Student Bible (2002), and on careful examination of corroborating Extra-Biblical evidence provide a context for the Word view about Jesus. Both Bibles also support aspects of the social and physical sciences (worldview) in terms of cultural, socioeconomic, political, historical, archaeological, and philosophical (apologetics) evidence.

As the pages of The World and the Word unfold, there is a kind of internal consistency with both the worldview (social sciences) and word view (the Bible). However, where such consistency appeared to diverge, this author attempts to filter out the noise by applying critical thinking criteria to a worldview that may not be consistent with the word view. The goal of this book therefore is to provide some exposition (Greek for apologia) of the Word and see how the World fits. Born-again Christians can be credible social scientists and not compromise Gods Word, the Bible. Two reviewers of a draft of this book should be mentioned here: Mrs. Gradye Mattera and Mrs. Line (pronounced Lynn) Green. Their input was important, honest and helpful in this book effort. However, in the end they bear no obligation for the final printed version. To this I accept full responsibility. After thoughtful reading of the book please send reflective comments to Dr. Herb Green at Use the phrase "World & Word 1st ed." in the Subject line. Thank you.

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