The Almighty's Religion for the Universe

The Almighty's Religion for the Universe

von: Sidney R Smith MHS

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Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 26.02.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9781514456583
Sprache: englisch
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What the author is attempting to do is provide new information about the Creator, life, the universe, and the purpose of humanity as it relates to what the Almighty has revealed to mankind. It is the intent of the author to offer new alternatives and explanations of life to give new insight as to man's role for being in existence on the planet Earth and in the universe. It offers the opportunity to explore and come to terms with this information so mankind can be enlightened to a new faith. The material in this book allows man to understand that there is no reward or punishment for coming to terms with what the Creator has revealed to mankind. To take away the fear of a hell and give a sense of immortality in lieu of a heavenly paradise. Nevertheless, this book will show mankind something different about man's creation and the purpose of his creation.

It's a matter of life before birth (reincarnation).

Have you ever thought of the possibility that there is life before life? Many people throughout the ages have questioned the possibility of life after death, but never of life before birth. I know of only one person who had some connection with the possibility of life before birth. Me. Edward Cayce, who died in 1945, recorded some accounts of his efforts to recall the lives of people in their spiritual past. He provided case studies dealing with his ability to read past histories of people's past lives but was not able to prove or disprove his abilities. But suppose we were to think in terms of having an existence before we were born. We have explored the prominent thought of life after death to a point of scientific examination and experimentation.

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