Sharing Our History with Others

Sharing Our History with Others

The Churches of Christ Holiness Unto the Lord as We Know It

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Sharing our history with the world is mostly information compiled by the author of the book. We have no written book of how our wonderful establishment begin. This magnificent Organization began in 1926 by late Bishop Major Solomon Bennett. In its 88 years history, we had four fantastic Bishops to head these Churches, Bishop Major Solomon Bennett, Bishop Benjamin Fields Colty, Bishop James Kelly and presently Bishop Moses Alfred Lewis.

A written history of some of these Churches, that makes up this wonderful Organization, as well as the former churches of Church, South Carolina. History of each church was compiled by the Pastors Members and Secretaries of each churches, Its foundation to the presence.

Its establishment and structure, our forefathers came together and set the guidelines that this organization will follow, not much has been revised since.

Pictures of some notable Leaders and Members, past and present, whose faces will be recognizable to the body of Christ. There are many, many more great giants that can be placed in OUR CHURCH HALL OF FAME that space will not consent to.

When the Spirit of God change the lives of ordinary people through the fabric of the church, People through the power of the Holy Spirit, can and will accomplish great things that will last and help to change the lives of others through Christ for generations to come.

We thank our God through Christ Jesus for all that has built on this foundation, because of their

FAITH in Christ which will be reported to the whole world. (Romans 1:8)

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