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The qualities of the universe are Open, ever changing, luminous, no beginning and no end

'Luminosity' includes light, love and truth 'Ever changing' means we cannot hold unto dogmas, as even the subtle anatomy changes.

Therefore in development we need total freedom.

May we progress towards a time when illness is no longer necessary, where people know when they have gone astray and can correct their attitude before great suffering befalls them.

May this series on

‘The Science of Spiritual Healing I – III’ contribute to this.

With all my thanks to C, to Paul Gonon …..

…and the many people who have contributed to this book
and research.

Table of content

Faith is the Bridge

God, how long did it take me to accept this !

At the same time my music never stopped expressing it.

All too often faith seemed to fade away in the mist.

I could still hear its very fine sound in the distance.

Faith is essentially a feeling and closely related to love.

It needs to be followed with trust.

As a mere concept it is like an empty shell.

Being a bridge, we need to walk it, to dare to go and see.

Fully transparent, open and naked So we can avoid illusions.

Faith is what we believe in deep inside.

It is a knowing, a conviction that the bridge eventually leads to the other side.

Faith brings light into the meaning of our existence All this takes courage and patience As faith evolves and with it comes the experiences that fill it with color.


Deep healing cannot come about without cooperation with the invisible intelligences around us.

Concerning nature and the planet we need to cooperate with nature spirits, devas and landscape angels and angels of all kind. The state of planet earth is such that we need to cooperate with all intelligences available, visible or non visible. This involves faith that such invisible intelligences exist. Make no mistake: these invisible intelligences or light beings are wise, compassionate and full of good common sense. We can communicate with them as with any intelligent human being.

In this book I endeavour to demonstrate that a bridge exists between 'the worlds'. Deep healing involves starting with a deep transformation of our beliefs, of our own emotional structures. Good intentions though necessary are not enough. Discipline, humbleness, precision and patience are required. These three volumes on 'The Science of Spiritual Healing' give a deep insight into the processes involved. This book has come about through cooperation with non physical beings, through walking the bridge, as challenging this may have been for me for many years. I walked it.

The research documented in this book combines right and left brain methods. I have studied the human energy fields with Bob Moore for over twenty years. I am drawing on my 40 years of experience in energy work and teaching people in spiritual healing, my common sense, my understanding of methodical scientific research gained through my studies in economics at the University of Zurich as well as intuitive tools, like the channelled answers I get from my source C, from meditation and my intuition. This way of working has been used for century by Tibetan Buddhism and similar studies of the human mind and consciousness.

I am sincerely moved by meeting to some extent all the invisible beings I am writing about in this book. They trust me in handing me over this information. I would like to express my gratitude to ‘C’, the Collegium of Spirits of Racamadour, who are the main actors behind the information I get. There are also a number of invisible yet perceivable friends that have been using ‘the bridge’ and have contributed to this book: Bob Moore, Ignatius de Loyola, the Black Madonna and many others you can read about in this book.

Writing this book or composing music is for me
part of ‘walking the bridge’.

About the book

A major challenge of this book is that it is merely a written text. In order to understand what I write about you need to experience it yourself, and in so doing you will be checking it out for yourself. So, don’t believe what I say and don’t carry it to others unless you have experienced it. This involves feeling or ‘felt knowledge’ as Bob Moore would say. While certain pages can be read in less than a minute, it may take you much longer to experience its descriptions, as it did indeed for me.

This book is meant to be looked at as a work in progress, an understanding that is bound to progress over time ...possibly as any understanding does anyhow.

We have entered a time of witnessing and sometimes experiencing great suffering as brought to us from all over the world by TV, news, loved ones and invisible but felt waves of distress. This brings an enormous challenge to the planet and all its inhabitants …and possibly far beyond.

It was amazing for me to be shown that there is a bridge and not just a longing and the pain of not finding any bridge.

I am impressed by the quality of the contact with non-physical beings. I have been reading many of the excellent books of interviews with all kinds of nature spirits published by Flensburger Hefte. Whilst reading them you get the impression of interviewing a human being with a human mind and human reasoning, very matter of fact and straight forward; no esoteric, woolly or ‘ new age’ language at all. I have been witnessing the same with the spirits Eva Høffding is channeling in her work: Ignatius de Loyola, the Black Madonna, Bob Moore, the spirits of Rocamadour and others. They have learned to adapt to 21st century human language and needs. Nevertheless you do get the feeling that you are meeting another human being, just a lot wiser and very knowledgeable about their subject.

It is this humbleness that leads us to open our heart and through it gives us access to the bridge. The heart is the first chakra coming up from below that opens our contact to the spiritual. The metaphor of the bridge is more for our human use, as the spirit world is always with and around us. Teachings can help us to open the heart and thus bring us to the bridge, but it is us that need to cross it. We need to trust and validate our own experience of meeting the Divine dimension. This brings about not just a meeting but an active circulation of energy between us and the Divine dimension that both benefit from.

“The humbleness of the heart is the most difficult for humans. It is the only way to God.”

Black Madonna, Montserrat 2014, through Eva

About Faith

Faith is a risky subject to teach and write about. In my experience a lot of people don’t even recognise that they have a problem with it. They often don’t realize how shallow their connection to faith is. The word ‘ faith’ has to a large extent even become a taboo. The word needs to be disconnected from any church or other religious organisation, as faith is an eternal and ultimately personal subject, so is the bridge. The wrongdoings of any religious organisation should not take us away from that bridge.

Researchers in healing nowadays rather talk about the brain, the united field, cells, information, DNA, quantum physics, energy etc. At the same time few people seem to have a real understanding of the energy fields we are part of. One may talk about the intelligence of the universe or of life but would avoid even thinking there could be a consciousness behind all of that and that this consciousness is inhabited by invisible beings, thus forming a Divine field. These beings are usually referred to as ‘angels’, ‘archangels’, ‘spirits’, ‘fairies’ etc. The fact is that we know little about these beings and what consciousness on a cosmic level actually means.

Equally one may more easily talk about the intelligence of nature, of a tree, a flower for instance and again be resistant to see that there is a consciousness linked to each one, inhabited or carried by a spirit, an invisible being.

The understanding that all is connected is gaining ground. These findings were encouraged by quantum physics, internet and TV, maybe the spirit of our time.

As I have come to understand, and I feel I am just at the beginning, is that the invisible world is highly structured and is made of an unfathomable amount of beings that all contribute to the working of existence, visible and invisible. Some of these beings are spirit guides, angels, nature spirits or ET’s. There seem to be a great shyness to talk about all of this. In order to explore the invisible we need to have faith in their existence and diversity. It is not just neurones or energy. Even talking about quantum physics is not enough if there is no feelings, no faith, no understanding of the Divine field involved.

Some years ago many believed that most of our problems were coded in the DNA of our genes. Science has fortunately brought some light into this and discovered epigenetics, that is the outside information that is triggering and selecting some of the potentials stored in a gene. Now, we are still stuck in the same ultimately ‘ materialistic’ way with neurones in the brain.

We need to include for instance the mental energy field that surrounds the head and gives us an understanding of the mind, which cannot be understood simply through looking at ‘ little lamps flashing’ inside the physical brain.

We must include the invisible dimension of life.

A major part of Bob Moore’s teachings was to have his students appreciate the role of feelings also as a tool of observation, of research into these invisible fields. I want to quote him here on what seems to me the crucial issue if we want our understanding of energy and healing to go beyond the material and merely the intellectual.

Bob Moore: “It is very difficult to produce descriptions of feeling. Having worked with people for many years now, it seems to me that the word feeling has been strongly related to emotion. One can look at feeling and find that if one follows the movement through emotional conditions within us, one of course is drawn to feeling. One can look at that and say that it is the upper bracket of emotions. It is. But then that doesn’t end the connection to feeling. In fact one can say that is only the beginning.”

This is absolutely central and worth thinking about. Most of what will follow in this book cannot be understood without accessing one’s own feelings. In fact, I am convinced that we will never get a deeper understanding of life if we don’t include feelings. I am talking about the ‘ upper bracket’ of emotions, not the painful emotions. The latter though give us the access to the finer feelings.

I recently went to a conference where a renowned researcher talked about their discovery of stem cells in the zebra fish that could possibly cure cancer. He explained that these cells are found in the human body throughout the first phases after conception. He went on to say that at some moment a signal got to these undifferentiated stem cells growing inside the mother’s womb that made them start to develop into differentiated parts of the foetus’ body. He thought they had found that a substance is introduced by the mother at a certain moment into the embryo in order for this differentiation to happen.

This is very possible but insufficient as an explanation. This view is ignoring the invisible world that works on the miracle of life in creation. Above a ‘ substance injected’ it is energy information that involves a large number of invisible beings and a number of very distinct energy fields like the etheric as the blue print of our physical body. It is our soul that has decided how this blue print should be for this life, what strength, what features, what weaknesses it should have. There are Divine beings such as angels involved that guarantee that essentially divine information comes down into matter.

There are numerous body spirits who apply the plan, cell by cell, organ by organ, vertebrae, skin and nails.

This also applies to nature spirits that create a flower or a tree and take care of the immense task of keeping all its processes in balance: stability, humidity, microorganisms, growth, maturation and flowering, etc. It is difficult to imagine as this aspect has been kept out of our school manuals. And yet it is reality. Again: it is not just a substance that makes a cell take on a differentiated role, it is divine energy information and above all: it is an immense Love.

We are created from Love.

The purely materialistic, mechanistic worldview that prevails in the world is linked to unfinished business with our religious past and with the church.

A few years ago I would never have thought that I would write about angels, spirit guides, ET's or nature spirits. Writing about them does not make me an expert or an authority on the subject. The contact with these dimensions becomes more alive and real when we open our hearts and our minds. The reason that I chose to write about these dimensions is that they are great teachers and encourage us to open up to love and to the eternal being that we are. You cannot think much about angels, you have to feel their energy in your heart or work towards being able to do so. This takes patience and sincere inner transformation work. That is our life’s purpose.

Feeling this reality and researching it required me to move through prejudices concerning my religious roots, as faint as they may have seemed when I started that reflection. I found in my past (lives) much ‘unfinished business’ with the church that I had to transform.

Wherever we grow up on earth, we have a religious background that we need to take into consideration and for instance not just change religion.

Things were finally falling into place. I call it 'falling into heaven' and will describe it (page 100).

I felt that I was becoming more simple and natural, a sort of transparent nobody or simply a part of a whole, not more and not less. This includes a letting go of attachment to the illusionary identities or characteristics I thought were defining me as an individual, as a separate identity. This means no less than letting go of ego structures and of the suffering that had actually caused them to develop in the first place. They had once been useful but no longer were.

The energy of the Black Virgin or virgin blackness has helped me enormously, and so have the teachings of Bob Moore about true transformation and the teachings of Ignatius de Loyola about the function of love and the Divine dimension. I have written about Bob Moore's teachings in 'The Science of Spiritual Healing i' and about the Black Virgin in 'Music as a mystical Journey'.

Then, at just the right time, Paul Gonon introduced me to the copper antenna, a type of dowsing device (see volume II). I was ready to explore the invisible through asking the right questions and the copper antenna was answering with only yes or no. It would also be helpful in showing me energy structures on a map or a photo that I could verify through the sensing with my hand.

I realized that the answers I was getting were not random or simply coming from my own subconscious but that there was a definite intelligence behind it, clearly beyond my own capacities. I came to realize that this intelligence was - for most of the answers - a Collegium of enlightened spirits, actually having their anchor place inside the chapel of the Black Virgin in Rocamadour, a well known pilgrimage place near to where we live. I will be referring to them as 'The Collegium' or ‘C’. I was starting to walk on the ‘bridge’.

A large part of this book is therefore channeled and I cannot possibly take the full credit for it.

Faith means believing in the existence of a spiritual or divine nature, something not physical and not measurable. It may also be more than that: an actual knowing, a knowing that there is a bridge to the friends on the other side. The fog of doubt may allow us only an occasional glimpse but gradually we can learn to trust what we perceive. Then it takes the will and courage to start walking across, to welcome the light beings that come to visit us and to ask them for help.

Even though they see the bridge, many never have the courage to actually walk across, due to fear, doubt, feelings of inferiority, false pride or simply stubbornness.