God'S Love Conquers All

God'S Love Conquers All

von: Keith Ritter

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Verlag: Xlibris US
Format: EPUB
Veröffentl.: 30.09.2016
ISBN/EAN: 9781524530921
Sprache: englisch
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In this book, you will fi nd some amazing things about love that you never knew existed. A love that goes beyond our mental intellect, comprehension, or capacity and a pure love that is holy, unblemished, honest, and freely given without cost, performance, wages, or sins. Gods love is a Supreme Divine Love that is higher than any love in the earths realm, a love reserved for the human race that is only given by a Holy God, Awesome God, an Amazing God, a Wonderful God that we can hear, speak to, and enter into a relationship of knowing through his Holy Spirit and Son, Jesus Christ. Gods love is a divine power and a force that moves, forgives, cleanses, delivers, heals, restores, protects, prospers, saves, and empowers with strength. We only get to experience a portion of Gods love on the earth and the rest of it when we get to heaven based on our inability of what our mind can conceive, is how majestic the love of God is. Th is love is an Agape love that surpasses the wisdom of human love, brotherly love, which is basically centered on emotions, feelings, attitude, and opinions. Th e love of God has unimaginable power that truly conquers all. Th e love of God is the greatest love of all, and its in you. To God be the glory.